New Item-- imitating old ship WPC decking


The advantages of imitating old ship WPC decking:

. Being carved and processed by the WPC MAN, the imitating old ship WPC decking has

  become a very precious and heavy work of art. The outdoor platform or plank road paved by

  imitating old ship WPC decking is extremely rich in artistic flavor, face score, value and

  extraordinary taste. 


. The waterproofing and insect prevention effect of the imitating old ship WPC decking is

  better than that of the ordinary solid WPC or conventional WPC decking, and the tread is

  heavy, steady, comfortable, and has a sense of age.


. In the geomantic science, old ship wood has experienced the history, therefore it has the function of town houses with 

      the role of evil spirits and so on; And the WPC decking that imitates the old ship wood has the appearance of the real 

      old ship wood, and it has also gone through thousands of refinements. The craft of its high-temperature extrusion and 

      low-temperature shaping gravity carving is no less than that of the old ship wood, and its shape is beautiful and 

      generous, and it is anti-corrosive and anti-insect. Wear resistance is excellent.


. The imitation old ship WPC decking with artisan heart refined has the advantages of craft stability, the quality is tough, 

      is not easy to crack, waterproof, wear-resistant and corrosion-resistant.  When paved in the courtyard, the garden, the 

      balcony, the terrace and so on area, displays the master unusual life grade. 

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