What should be paid attention to during installation of WPC decking?


Ⅰ. WPC decking or WPC material can be cut, milled, modeled, sawn, drilled, tenoned and so on by common woodworking

      machines and tools.

Ⅱ. The WPC joist will be fixed on the concrete foundation ground with the plastic expansion pipe. The distance of the fixed 

      plastic expansion pipe is 500-600mm, and the screw cap is required to lower than the joist surface( Cross countersunk 

      head screw 4*30mm is recommended). Ground leveling is required before fix the WPC joist.

Ⅲ. Self-tapping screw can be used for fixation between WPC and WPC material, but stainless steel tapping screw is 

      recommended for outdoor use. Tail screw is required to used for fixation between WPC material and metal material.

Ⅳ. The hole should be pre-drilled when use the tapping screw to fasten the joint between WPC and WPC material. The 

      diameter of the pre-drilling hole shall be slightly smaller than the diameter of the screw.

Ⅴ. No less than one screw should be used to connect the WPC profile with the joist when the outdoor decking is installed.

Ⅵ. Plastic clips or stainless steel clips are used to fix on the joint between WPC decking and joist.

Ⅶ. 3-5mm gap between WPC decking board is required as a telescopic space.



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